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Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

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Where in the world are we?

Well as most of you are aware two weeks ago Eden, Reez and myself flew off into another world eight thousand eight hundred miles away. We have had a lot of questions concerning our location, the weather, earthquakes, typhoons, volcano activity etc. Therefore I thought it would interest some of you for me to answer the question where in the world are we.

We are in Roxas City, the province of Capiz on Panay Island in the Republic of the Philippines. Panay Island is one of 7107 islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. Panay Island is part of the Visayan region of the Philippines. Basically the middle of the archipelago with the region of Luzon north of us and Mindano to the south.

The Republic of the Philippines (RP) is located due east of Vietnam and northeast of Malaysia. We are surrounded by the South China Sea on the west and the Philippine Sea on the east. We are a four hour flight from South Korea or Japan which we have both been to and a one hour flight from Manila the capital of the RP.

Being just north of the equator our weather for the norm is tropical year round. However there are dry and rainy seasons, summer and winter (which yield an eight degree temp change) and then the mountains and seashore which can also give various tweaks on the weather. We are currently enjoying the best of both worlds right now. Living in Roxas City we are in the middle of winter and the dry seasons. Our temporary apartment is directly on the seashore therefore we have constant sea breezes that have kept our temps in the upper seventies. The first two nights we slept with air conditioning however since then just the breezes. It is wonderful.

Yes we are on the Ring of Fire. this means earthquakes and volcanoes. However there are no volcanoes on Panay (there is a big one south and north of us but no worry) and no recent earthquake activity. Just a side note our house will be built as one complete concrete pour not block or wood style.

Typhoons are a fact of life here in the tropics as hurricanes were on the Gulf Coast. The RP experiences on the average 26 per year and some of them can be pretty severe. As do hurricanes in the states they tend to track northwest up from the equator. The majority of storms track over the northern region of Luzon however to live by that is just like saying all hurricanes hit Florida and Texas. History shows we are fairly protected here as we are on the northern beach of Roxas City, Panay Island but we will see our share of tropical weather.

Roxas City is the “Seafood Capital of the RP” and we have certainly been enjoying that the last two weeks. You can view a map of the RP and finds us with this link:

We hope you have enjoyed this tour and have experienced a little of our Life in Roxas City.ImageImage


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Where would we be without family?

Where would we be without family? Without family you probably would not be reading this right now. Because family is the way we come into this life. Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and so forth. However this is not about family heritage or the like. Today i would like to reflect back on the first few days that we started our Life in Roxas City.

Now to set the stage our journey began with a grueling forty hour trip. We have taken this trip many times before and it is never easy, bearable but never easy. But due to a scheduling mistake on my part I scheduled our Manila to Roxas City flight with Cebu Pacific, which we normally use, instead of PAL thus adding five hours to our layover in Manila. So  you may be wondering what then was the big deal. We were traveling with our thirteen month old son. No bed, swing, car seat basically nothing in his southern comfort zone. Please do not get the wrong idea he was really awesome and good beyond belief all things considered. But I will not bore you with the details of this trip because this is not what this is about.

Imagine flying forty hours with a thirteen month old and eight pieces of luggage and three hand bags, arriving in a far away land with no provisions to care for yourselves or child. This is were family comes to the rescue. My brothers- in- law Abel and Beryl along with my sister- in- law Cynthia in the weeks prior to our arrival secured us a two bedroom flat twenty feet from the Visayan Sea on Panay Island. There will be more on this special place at another time. Then they went about buying and collecting everything we would need to meet our immediate needs upon arrival with our son. Pots and pans, plates and glassed, silverware, knives and spoons, a gas stove to cook on along with the propane supply, a very nice water dispenser along with a weeks worth of drinking water, towels, a high speed internet connection with wifi, a high chair, fans and most of all food.

You may say wow that is a lot and thank you for family and I agree. However that is just the beginning. Our sweet sister- in- law Cynthia then stayed with us an entire week and would not allow us to do anything expect sleep thus adjusting our sleeping schedule and wiping away the jet lag. She cooked and we ate. Three meals a day shopping for fresh foods, cooking and cleaning all the while with a smile on her face.

In addition she took to Reez warmly and Reez took to her wonderfully thus giving us a needed break from holding him constantly as we had on the forty hour journey. Therefore we have all adjusted now, our sleep schedules and diets are on track. We have been able to scoot around town procuring other needed items and tending to business.

So, this is a shout out to our family here on Panay that made our homecoming happy and easy. Thank you and so go Life in Roxas City.


Two Happy Loves

My motivation for moving to Roxas City. I have brought Eden back home to the Philippines. Reez being a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Philippines is certainly happy being around family. Eden is experiencing the freedom of movement and lifestyle that she could not in the states. Reez is surrounded by a complete family structure that serves the true God, Jehovah thus aiding us in raising him in a proper manner versus the world today.

Eden and Reez are both enjoying the refreshing freedom that living on the beach provides. The happiness morning walks bring is reflected in their faces here. My wish is for both of them to continue to benefit and be happy here in Roxas City.155


The Beginning

What a journey it has been. It all started New Year’s Eve 2005 in Savannah Georgia. Walking around the wonderful squares that make up old town Savannah with Jim, Mari and Analisa, I realized that I was really alone. I did not have the companion that I longed for, one that felt the same way about life as I did, one that worshiped the true God as I did. It was then that I took a leap of faith. Based on a friend’s recommendation I met Eden and from that day forward  my life  changed and  led me to  Life in Roxas City.