Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Two Happy Loves


My motivation for moving to Roxas City. I have brought Eden back home to the Philippines. Reez being a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Philippines is certainly happy being around family. Eden is experiencing the freedom of movement and lifestyle that she could not in the states. Reez is surrounded by a complete family structure that serves the true God, Jehovah thus aiding us in raising him in a proper manner versus the world today.

Eden and Reez are both enjoying the refreshing freedom that living on the beach provides. The happiness morning walks bring is reflected in their faces here. My wish is for both of them to continue to benefit and be happy here in Roxas City.155


2 thoughts on “Two Happy Loves

  1. They do seem to glow with happiness…and you sound happy!

  2. Hey Ron,
    That is cool. Thanks for blogging. We are looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
    The Lambs

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