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Our Barangay

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Welcome to our Barangay (neighborhood) Baybay. Baybay is a stretch of beach along the northern coast of Roxas City, Panay Island. This is the location of our apartment and also our home which we will build. Baybay is about 2 kilometers wide and 10 blocks deep.

Baybay is an just what we were looking for a couple of years ago when we wanted to acquire property to build our retirement home. We always wanted to be on the beach (or at least withing walking distance) but could not afford to buy property on the popular resort islands or some isolated beach front (which is affordable until you factor roads, utilities etc).

Baybay beach is divided into two distinct areas. On the west side there are some beach resorts (Filipino style), eating establishments and of course homes and some apartments. Head east down the beach and it is covered with the infrastructure of the seafood industry. You see, Roxas City is the seafood capitol of the Philippines. There are shops making nets, small wooden fishing vessels, fish processing plants and fish drying racks. Needless to say the majority of those working in this part of the Barangay also live in there.

Our apartment is located right on the beach. What a wonderful place. The waves never stop pounding. The sea breezes are constant. We can sit on a bench in our small back yard after walking out the back door and enjoy the ambiance or take the thirty second walk through the yard and be on the beach.

Walking the beach is an experience in itself. There are islands in the distance to observe and the waters are so warm and refreshing. Small fishing boats are always plying the waters a couple of kilometers off the beach. Strong men can be seen raking the sand a couple of inches deep with rakes tied to their waists for extra strength and a plastic bucket also tied to the waist in which to collect the clams they are harvesting. Then there are the net fisherman. Look down the beach, often right in our backyard, and you will observe about ten to fourteen guys split into two groups each holding an end of a gigantic net often over half a kilometer long wrestling and pulling until the net has reached the shore. Then it gets interesting as some of the younger kids will all run along the beach to their various homes, come running back with large plastic tubs and then fill the tubs with the fresh catch of the day. I really enjoy watching the young boys taking the sea snakes caught in the net and chasing the girls with them all the while laughing and giggling.

Baybay is interesting, diverse and beautiful. It is laid-back and peaceful. We hope you can visualize our neighborhood and will continue enjoying Life in Roxas City.


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  1. Great Blog. Email me asap. Thanks. Judah

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