Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Fun with my Son in the Sun


042045053071016019022030033043047099018051004129012 (640x480) (2)013045050055One of the main reasons I wanted to retire early and move to Roxas City was to get away from the rat race that is so common in western society. Working your hands to the bone to support big government, insurance companies and the one percent.

This really came to light when my son was born. Having raised four daughters (mostly part-time and at a distance) while working twelve plus hours a day six days a week I totally missed their childhoods and never really knew them as a parent should. I will always regret this and live with the memory of this daily.

With this in mind while in the hospital nursery bonding with Reez in his first moments of life I decided to do what was necessary to live as many moments of his life right by his side. To raise him full time, teach him everything he needs to be a fine Christian man, and to be remembered  in a positive and loving light. Thus my early retirement and move to Roxas City. A place with good moral and family values. A place that does not require an arm and leg to house, feed and entertain your family. What a good and pleasurable move. Eden and I are sharing all the duties that come with parenthood and are enjoying the many benefits and blessing of having a child.

Thus the title of this article “Fun with my Son in the Sun”. Since we arrived in Roxas City Reez has left behind the processed foods so common with babies and toddlers and is eating a full gambit of foods including fresh fish, rice, potatoes, squash, chicken, yogurt, various native fruits and of course crackers and cookies. Within in few weeks of moving he started walking and has become so mobile. Just tonight we were on our evening walk on the beach and he started running! Speaking of the beach he has become addicted to walking in the surf and playing in the sand thus getting soaking wet and covered in black sand. I must say he is so cute. Then there is his communication. Of course he was jabbering before the big move but now it is non stop. We do not understand the words but I know he does. But we do know when he want more to eat…lol. He has really tanned up and had so many haircuts.

All of this and many other moments have added to Fun with my Son in the Sun. Just another great part of Life in Roxas City.


2 thoughts on “Fun with my Son in the Sun

  1. Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. Enjoy your new adventure!

  2. You are truly blessed to be given this gift of your son and the time to be with him. I love the pictures and the pleasure I see in your face as well as his. Needless to say, I still miss knowing you are not far way…Love you all.

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