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Our House

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carswell -exteriorcarswell-interiorEverybody needs a house both to live in and to call a home. When we moved it was certainly hard to give up our first house that we purchased as a couple. However many reasons compelled us to take this course of action. One of which was the prospect of being straddled with a never ending (seemed like it anyway) mortgage. We therefore decided to dig into savings and build a home here and pay for it free and clear. No mortgage, no interest and no stress.

With this in mind we have completed the design and contracting phase. We are in the process of applying for the building permits which takes about a month through the slow moving city hall. We hope to begin construction by the end of April. The contractor has estimated a two month construction however I figure at least three months…lol.

My plan is to keep any interested up to date with the process through this blog. i will include descriptions of the process as well as pictures. Attached herein will be a design picture of the exterior and interior dining and kitchen. We will see in the end if the finished product matches the renderings.



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  1. Looks lovely.

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