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We Finally Build

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After three months of planning, budgeting, revamping and waiting we have finally commenced building our retirement home. Our architect arrived April 24 concerned the shipment of the AWS (absolute wall system) panels that arrived last week was unattended and exposed to the weather. I agreed. Friday four workers including the Engineer for the project arrived from Cebu and with our friend Opong they commenced building platforms and a cover to protect the panels. This also included moving all the concrete panels which was quite a heavy work load. The workers also constructed a bunkhouse that they will sleep in at night. All the workers except Opong are from Cebu and it is customary for them to stay on the site until the job is complete. This includes seven day work weeks. I have to take my hat off to these guys as in this heat that is quite impressive.

In the following pictures we see the AWS panels being off loaded from the container from Manila where they are manufactured. Next is the storage racks the crew has built to keep them out of the weather.


WOW what a difference a few days makes. The 13 workers have been working full steam ahead. In just the last couple of days they have managed to build a sanitary outhouse, layout the house and dig the footings for the foundation. This evening about one hundred pieces of rebar was delivered for placement in the footings. when I checked in at the site this morning the rebar activity was in full swing. I found it very interesting watching them cut the bar with a hack saw (no power tools) then bending it to shape on a homemade table. That is one strong guy…lol. Whom every planned this work station was very smart because they built it under the only tree on the property.

I have been visiting the site every evening about the same time, taking stock of the days progress and snapping a photo from the same spot. I plan to do this everyday until the completion and then to make a video of the process. It should prove interesting watching it rise from the ground up. For the mean time I will post pics every so often during this blog for your viewing pleasure.

The following picture shows the panel storage and the bunkhouse that is serving as the sleeping quarters for the crew. The outhouse was built after this picture just to the left and behind the bunkhouse. In the foreground are a couple of workers cooking on their fire.



One thought on “We Finally Build

  1. Thanks for the update Ron. Glad to see things progressing. Look forward to seeing the finished home and the accompanying video.

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