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The best $4.13 I ever spent


I have spent $4.13 many times in my life. Well maybe not $4.13 exactly but pretty darn close $4.00, $4.12 maybe $4.25.  A hamburger, a pen, a bottle of shampoo, a toll charge in Florida among many other things. This $4.13 I am writing about today has happened three times since moving to Roxas City.  The best $4.13 I ever spent is on a haircut.

Now first let me say that I have had the best haircuts over the past seven years given to me by my lovely wife. In fact no one has cut my hair since we were married. But this $4.13 haircut  is by far like no other.

So I walk into the barber shop, announce I would like a haircut and within seconds I am greeted with a beaming smile, taken to a chair which he blows clean with a hair dryer and sit down. I am then outfitted with a clean comfortable cover and asked what I would like. I let him know I want a haircut with a number one guard. (by the way the next time I saw Bobby he looked at me and said number one, what customer service)

Bobby commences to cut my hair with the utmost care. He looks at every part of my balding head with the closest scrutiny and makes sure that he does not miss a hair. Next he blows all the cut hair from my head, shoulders and lap cover. Next comes out the scissors and he trims all around snapping those scissors like they were a natural extension of his hand.

Now you may be saying what is so great about this $4.13 haircut. I get this every time I get my haircut. But it ain’t over yet folks. Before I know it Bobby has a straight razor in his quick hands and with the utmost care and precision he trims my hairline that he just cut with the scissors to perfection. He then takes this straight razor and with a steady hand cuts all the little hairs growing on and in my ears and nose. Yes you gotta trust this guy with the straight razor in his hands.

Once again I think I have gotten a great haircut. However before I know it I am laid back in the barbers chair with a comfortable pillow under my neck for support. Alcohol is applied to my face and neck. Now here comes that straight razor again. I receive the closest and smoothest shave I have ever received. After the shave out come the scissors again and a quick survey of the complete cut is made to make sure there is not one hair missed.

What a cut. But wait remember I said this was the best $4.13 I ever spent. Well there is more. After the cut is finished my hands including fingers, arms, shoulders, head and neck are coated with some sort of menthol suave and I am given a very vigorous and stimulating massage that takes all the stress out and gets the blood back flowing to these sedentary body parts. After the massage the menthol suave is completely wiped away with a hot towel.  The cloth drape is then snapped away from me and a large smile is presented with an enthusiastic THANK YOU SIR.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the best $4.13 I every spent. Loving life here in Roxas City.


3 thoughts on “The best $4.13 I ever spent

  1. Loved this story. One question…Is that 4.13 US dollars? Keep the great stories coming!
    Love to you, Eden, and Reez.


    • Hey Sis

      Yes that is $4.13 U.S. 165 php (Filipino Pesos). Of course it would have only been $3.43 two years ago when we decided to move here but the U.S. dollar ain’t what it used to be. BTW I could go to the small time barber shop and get a haircut with the massage, no shave, for only 50 php ( $1.25) but I go to the barber shop at the mall as they have a good coffee shop there.

      Luv ya!

  2. Never had a straight razor shave. Perhaps someday.

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