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Day 26

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It has been about ten days or more since I have updated the blog concerning the construction of our new house. When we last left Roxas City the crew was on their way to vote in the mid-term elections in their various provinces. They were scheduled to return to work the following Wednesday. Well this is the Philippines. Because of limited transportation boat transportation between islands and bus schedules from the provinces to the cities they did not arrive until Friday. Taking Saturday as a rest day work did not resume until Sunday May 19. Needless to say losing 9 1/2 days of work is not good when you are on a schedule but it is what it is.

I feel that I have been neglecting Mr Blog thereforeI have decided to change my chronicling of this adventure. I will attempt to post a short segment each day detailing in short the work completed that day with a couple of pictures. We will see how this goes.

Yesterday the crew which currently numbers seven not the pre-election thirteen finished pouring the footings for the retaining wall that will hold the material that will raise the grade and thus put the floor level .55 meters above the existing sidewalk. We are doing this just for a little extra flood control. Living only five blocks off the beach we are about seven feet above sea level and do have excellent street sewers in our development but it pays to be prudent.

Today we really saw some development as the exterior wall panels which will eventually be filled with concrete were installed. They will be cut in half as the panels are four foot tall and we only need just over half a meter for the retaining wall. 008 009 010


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  1. Thanks for the update, Ron.

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