Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 29


The last couple of days have been productive only after pulling teeth…lol. All of the interior wall panels that will help support the retaining wall for the fill dirt were installed. The crew was basically ready to start filling them with the initial concrete pour measuring about eighteen inches. However the ever present gravel supply problem reared it head again. The ideal size gravel to mix with the cement and sand for the wall panels is 3/8’s. Well it seems this size is not stocked in the Capiz area therefore we had to check with the AWS manufacturer concerning the rock size. Finally last night the supplier delivered a half truck of 1/2 inch gravel for us to test. The manufacturer approved the rock this morning. My hat is off to the crew. Instead of goofing off yesterday due to the gravel delay they double check all the panels for accurate placement and measurement.


This morning bright and early the crew first poured a concrete paste mixture on the cold footings and then commenced mixing and pouring the concrete inside the panels. Despite the heat and humidity they finished filling the entire house with the first pour.



4 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Glad to see progress is being made. I know you are anxious for them to wrap things up.

  2. Welcome to construction

  3. My hat is off to them – working in that heat. One question – why is there a hole in the wall?

    • Excellent observation….but it is no problem as that is a simply a retaining wall to hold the fill dirt that is raising the floor level above the street level…the level is being risen .55 meters therefore approx half of those panels are being cut away as you will see in the next series of photos to be published soon.

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