Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 36


Even though I mentioned earlier that I planned to make daily updates concerning the construction progress.I changed my mind. At this time I feel that daily updates would be to much for our readers as the progress is somewhat slow in nature.

With this in mind it has been one week since the last update and quite a lot has transpired. After pouring the first eighteen inches or so of concrete into the retaining wall it was cut to the proper height. This is the height of the fill that will raise the floor level of the house above the street level.

003 (5)After the absolute wall panels were cut to height a secondary grade beam was added around the structure. A grade beam consists of rebar running horizontal which adds strength to the footings and slab. After this was complete I was informed by the architect this was not in the plans but what is done is done. Now our grade beams can support a second story. After the grade beam was tied in they commenced with adding a new set of panels around the base which will serve two purposes. The walls panels will be set approx two inches inward from the base to give water a path to travel off the foundation. If this was not done then water always wants to go somewhere and it would try to work its way under the walls into the house. Secondly this addition will serve as a decorative feature at the base of the house.

The next task for the crew of seven has been filling the area with the rock and dirt trucked in from the mountains to form the base for the slab. I have been amazed watching this process. The truck will arrive with its load from the mountains and dump it next to the site. This load of dirt including transportation costs $46.25. Then the crew with two shovels and four two gallon or so buckets move this pile of dirt into the fill area within two hours. The fill is then water down and tampered by hand and muscle for hours to compact it.

012 (2)It has been raining the last couple of days during sleeping hours and in the morning briefly. However it has been enough to endanger the road to the mountain therefore the fill dirt delivery has been slowed the last couple of days. The crew spent the most recent afternoon filling the empty cement bags with the kalibo gravel and depositing them over the fill for the based of the slab.



3 thoughts on “Day 36

  1. Cool pictures.. and thanks for the notes on how they do construction here. I know a Filipina who does land development here so I’m interested in how new structures are done here. Looking forward to your updates. 🙂

    • Thanks Henry

      I plan to chronicle the entire build over the next couple of months. Thanks for reading and I enjoyed your diary entry today 5/31/13. I also agree with you on the decision and out come.


  2. I applaud your patience……I need to take notes! 🙂

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