Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City


Day 60

What can I say? High Fives all around. What a difference sufficient supplies of building material can do for a project. With the cement, crushed rock and sand supply problem solved work has moved at a rapid pace.

ImageEven though some side projects could be started or completed during the material delay the main objective was to pour the slab. How happy we are to announce the official completion of said slab. The slab looks great, seems to be finished well and ready to accept the porcelain tiles which will be laid on down the line.




ImageAnd on a slab walls must rise and rise they have! The crew has been hard at work installing the first lift of absolute walls. This entails many steps. First measurements are taken and lines are snapped. Next the walls are cut to the proper size and then set in place. They are then fastened along the bottom and sides by various means and then aligned and supported by metal bracing. Rebar is then cut and installed to strengthen the concrete which will eventually be poured into the walls. In addition to the rebar installed inside the walls electrical conduit which will house the wiring for the house is installed. In addition to the conduit the electrical wall sockets are set into place. Next comes the rough plumbing. At this point the only rough plumbing put into place are the drains for the sinks. The decorative columns adorning the left front of the house are also being built.




ImageAs usual our foreman Titing has many side projects happening at the same time. Here we see the storm drain system’s catch basins being cemented and the removable covers manufactured. The stairs accessing the rear service area are also built and poured.


How grateful we are to our crew that works in extreme conditions and measures twice and cuts once. We can say we are now happy with the pace being set. Needless to say there is a long way to go however we are on the road again. Until next time at Life in Roxas City.


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What can I say about my son? (Part 2) Little Boys, Little Fingers & Mommy

After writing and publishing Part 1 of this series it was brought to my attention that it appeared I was the only one involved in my son’s life. Therefore before I continue it is with great pleasure to include thoughts and high fives to Mommy. It certainly was not my intention to leave the most important person in Reez’s life out of the article. My excuse is and forever will be that I am writing this series based on my relationship with my son however again it was brought to my attention that relationship would have never been possible without Mommy.

Over the last eighteen months I have enjoyed watching the relationship between Reez and Mommy grow and change. Reez is very dependent on his Mommy as is every child. Maybe this stems from the fact he was in her womb for nine months or because he was with Mommy 24/7 for the first part of his life while I was out working and cutting the grass etc. Hence one of the reasons for my decision to retire early as noted in this  previous post

Reez may be dependent on Mommy however we share all duties from feeding, bathing, changing (hate it), entertaining, teaching, playing and what ever else comes down the pike. But one time he really wants his Mommy is bed time. I can play with him and read stories but when he is ready to sleep it has to be Mommy. I might think he is Daddy’s boy but nighttime proves he is Mommy’s little boy.

As a first time Mommy she has done wonders. From the nine months of Reez being in her womb to the delivery process through the first few months of his little life she has been there for Reez. Days at a time I would see her completely forgetting about herself and giving all for Reez. Having given up her freedom and suffering through the pain of childbirth combined with the loving care she gives Reez makes her number one in my book!

010 Reez Birthday 063 Reez Birthday 008

What I really notice these days is the difference in my relationship compared with his mom. Reez and I are great playmates which I really enjoy and cherish. However he also knows even at this age when I mean business. All it really takes is a stern look or waving my index finger at him and saying “that’s a no-no”. But Mommy is a totally different story.

This is where the title reference “Little Fingers” comes into play. Reez has his Mommy wrapped around his little finger as tight as possible. He knows exactly what button to push to get his way. All that is required is for him to grab his Mommy fingers and lead her around the house like a little puppy. It is so funny to watch because he knows exactly what he is doing and Mommy falls victim to it every time. I have learned just keep my hand and fingers out of reach….lol.

When Reez and I are home alone all is calm. We play and read. Then Reez will do his own thing and I will do the same. No big tear sessions. Fast forward to Mommy and Reez at home alone. Of course I am not there to witness the goings on however when I come home it is explained that Mommy has been able to accomplish zero…nadda…nothing. Reez being the master at having his Mommy wrapped around his little finger has convinced her to hold him the entire time, walk him around everywhere he wants to go and basically run the show.

All things said he really loves his Mommy. I love to watch him kiss her and then have to shake my head at him as he runs screaming behind her just because she needs to use the restroom.

What a great Mommy you have son.

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Day 54

It has been an uphill battle. The battle of materials. Buying crushed rock, sand and cement is easy. Getting said material delivered is a nightmare. From “rain slick roads at the quarry”  to “it’s on the boat”  and the Philippines favorite saying “sorry sir out of stock”.

Finally we have made some head way. After a six day delay on cement and a four day delay on rock we are pouring a slab. As of today approx one half is covered in slab. Hopefully we have enough material on hand to finish in the next two days.


Day 52 we had thirty bags of cement and were able to pour the master bedroom and one half of Reez’s room. Day 53 we had zero cement therefore the crew started to install real walls. How exciting to see our master bedroom start to take shape after looking at only foundation walls for 52 days.

ImageOur foreman “T” does not allow for slack time even with a  material delay. During this time he has also built the septic tank above ground and installed a good part of the storm drain system that will also be incorporated as a french drain.

004 (9)

012 (5)We are very grateful for the work that has been completed and pray the heavy rains stay away. Hopefully the next time you visit us here our slab is complete and the walls are being raised.


Day 47

Well it happened. The owner of Emery Estates, the architect, head engineer, company lead foreman and others arrived as promised. And with that everything changed. Apologies were issued, promises were made and all is right.

And what a change it brought. Materials have been purchased by the truck load, materials have been delivered by the truck load and large amounts of work are being preformed. The new foreman and crew have only been working since Sunday as they use Saturday as their day off. The site has been secured via a tarp fence. The rough sanitary and plumbing work is underway and almost complete inside the house. The foundation fill has been compacted and the rebar laid ready to pour the slab in all except the bathrooms. We are expecting to pour the slab this week. The new AWS panels arrived this morning therefore after the slab is ready the walls can be installed.




What can I say about my son? (Part 1) The Beginning

What can I say about my son? I LOVE HIM…I LOVE HIM…I LOVE HIM.

My one and only son Reez the blessing Jehovah has brought into my life affects me more and more each day.  It is amazing how something that you did not plan nor desire can become so close to you so fast. I could not imagine living one day of my life without him. Reez I hope this blog is preserved thus giving you the opportunity to read this and know exactly how I feel should I somehow fall short in my expressing my love for you.

Many days have passed since I spent the first hours of his life with him in the nursery. Many days have passed since I held him at midnight feeding him while he slept the night away (well until the next feeding at three a.m. lol). Many days have passed since since I started feeding him baby foods. And many days have passed since he started crawling. When we arrived here in Roxas City Reez was just starting to walk. This is where I will pick up with my thoughts on Reez living in Roxas City.

It was certainly a big change for Reez when he arrived in Roxas City. We left during  the winter in the states to arrive in a tropical environment.  Right away he started sweating. His hair was quite long as we had only been trimming it a little at a time. Needless to say his mom and dad were sweating also.


Then there were the people. Eden having been away for some time from her family and Reez being the newest member of the family attracted quite the crowd. Reez loves people but is certainly shy in the beginning as are most young children.  Reez from the start really bonded with his Uncle Bong. How cute it has been seeing Reez jumping up in Bong’s arms and being carried all around including the beach. Within a short time he warmed up to his cousins Christian, Chaelle and Zhamique. Uncle Abel and Aunt Cynthia fit right in the mix. What a great help and relief Aunt Cynthia was in helping with Reez in his first few weeks of adjustment and his parents also. I still hear her singing Ba Ba Blacksheep to Reez to sooth him.



The interesting pair was Lolo and Lola. That took a little time. Loving Lola as the typical grandmother was constantly wanting to grab Reez, hold him and sooth him. But in the being he did not want much to do with that at all. After all he had his momma. Now Lolo was another story. When they came to visit Reez’s grandparents they stayed for about three  or four weeks. Lolo love to walk and the beach was the perfect venue. Lolo uses a cane for walking and this is what drew Reez close to his Lolo. Reez loved Lolo’s cane. He would grab it as Lolo walked along and help with the movement. How cute he was. After Lolo left the first stick Reez found became a cane and you could see Reez walking with that cane ( or stick).

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As time went on the company left for the time being and it was back to the three of us. We started exploring the beach and taking walks in the morning before the heat of the day set in and evening time as the sunset. Reez was fine with these walks until he discovered all he had to do was sit right down in the sand. So much for walks other than the fact the walk consisted of getting to the shore line where he commenced to playing. He has had a love affair with the water ever since. However over the last two months or so we have not visited that often because it is summer time here and unlike beach goers in other areas it is just to darn hot here.

012 (640x480)



Day 42

The rainy season is upon us. Here we are at day 42 and we are not even close to having a roof over our heads before the rains start. Progress has been slow the last week due to an engineer that I have found out had his head in Cebu while at work here in Roxas. I will say that he was very diligent when it came to specs etc. however due to the fact he had planned to leave all along to go back to school this week he just did not move the project along at the required pace. With this in mind the builder himself, his project engineer, lead foreman/plumber, electrician and two more skilled workers are arriving tomorrow. Along with two more guys starting on Monday the pace is going to really pick up. This should bring us back to the thirteen we started with the end of April.

With that said many things have been accomplished in the last week. The foundation walls have been completely filled and the layer of rock has been laid. It is now ready for the installation of rebar pending the rough plumbing being laid next week. In a way it is a blessing that things have slowed as the rain  has given the fill more time to compact itself at a good pace.


The front porch and planters were formed today. Once the stairs are in place the structure will be ready for concrete.


Some tedious work has also been taking place. The neem tree that was at the front of the property has been removed giving way for the front porch and planters. I really hated to see that tree go as the mosquitos do not like neem. However the roots of the trees are monstrous and would grow under the foundation, sidewalk, fence and maybe even into the septic tank given time. Oh well.


Here we are waiting to see what big changes the next week bring. Hopefully we will have the slab poured and new wall panels arriving from Manila. Then the real construction can begin here in Roxas City.