Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 42


The rainy season is upon us. Here we are at day 42 and we are not even close to having a roof over our heads before the rains start. Progress has been slow the last week due to an engineer that I have found out had his head in Cebu while at work here in Roxas. I will say that he was very diligent when it came to specs etc. however due to the fact he had planned to leave all along to go back to school this week he just did not move the project along at the required pace. With this in mind the builder himself, his project engineer, lead foreman/plumber, electrician and two more skilled workers are arriving tomorrow. Along with two more guys starting on Monday the pace is going to really pick up. This should bring us back to the thirteen we started with the end of April.

With that said many things have been accomplished in the last week. The foundation walls have been completely filled and the layer of rock has been laid. It is now ready for the installation of rebar pending the rough plumbing being laid next week. In a way it is a blessing that things have slowed as the rain  has given the fill more time to compact itself at a good pace.


The front porch and planters were formed today. Once the stairs are in place the structure will be ready for concrete.


Some tedious work has also been taking place. The neem tree that was at the front of the property has been removed giving way for the front porch and planters. I really hated to see that tree go as the mosquitos do not like neem. However the roots of the trees are monstrous and would grow under the foundation, sidewalk, fence and maybe even into the septic tank given time. Oh well.


Here we are waiting to see what big changes the next week bring. Hopefully we will have the slab poured and new wall panels arriving from Manila. Then the real construction can begin here in Roxas City.


4 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. Thanks.. it’s cool seeing the progress on this. 🙂

  2. It’s a shame the tree had to go.

  3. I hate the thought of the delays. But there are always some things you can not control. Wish you luck getting things completed before weather conditions worsen.

  4. Wishing you speedy workers and less rain. Love you!

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