Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 47


Well it happened. The owner of Emery Estates, the architect, head engineer, company lead foreman and others arrived as promised. And with that everything changed. Apologies were issued, promises were made and all is right.

And what a change it brought. Materials have been purchased by the truck load, materials have been delivered by the truck load and large amounts of work are being preformed. The new foreman and crew have only been working since Sunday as they use Saturday as their day off. The site has been secured via a tarp fence. The rough sanitary and plumbing work is underway and almost complete inside the house. The foundation fill has been compacted and the rebar laid ready to pour the slab in all except the bathrooms. We are expecting to pour the slab this week. The new AWS panels arrived this morning therefore after the slab is ready the walls can be installed.




2 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. I’m glad :). Go Ron!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more developments. The walls are next!

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