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What can I say about my son? (Part 1) The Beginning


What can I say about my son? I LOVE HIM…I LOVE HIM…I LOVE HIM.

My one and only son Reez the blessing Jehovah has brought into my life affects me more and more each day.  It is amazing how something that you did not plan nor desire can become so close to you so fast. I could not imagine living one day of my life without him. Reez I hope this blog is preserved thus giving you the opportunity to read this and know exactly how I feel should I somehow fall short in my expressing my love for you.

Many days have passed since I spent the first hours of his life with him in the nursery. Many days have passed since I held him at midnight feeding him while he slept the night away (well until the next feeding at three a.m. lol). Many days have passed since since I started feeding him baby foods. And many days have passed since he started crawling. When we arrived here in Roxas City Reez was just starting to walk. This is where I will pick up with my thoughts on Reez living in Roxas City.

It was certainly a big change for Reez when he arrived in Roxas City. We left during  the winter in the states to arrive in a tropical environment.  Right away he started sweating. His hair was quite long as we had only been trimming it a little at a time. Needless to say his mom and dad were sweating also.


Then there were the people. Eden having been away for some time from her family and Reez being the newest member of the family attracted quite the crowd. Reez loves people but is certainly shy in the beginning as are most young children.  Reez from the start really bonded with his Uncle Bong. How cute it has been seeing Reez jumping up in Bong’s arms and being carried all around including the beach. Within a short time he warmed up to his cousins Christian, Chaelle and Zhamique. Uncle Abel and Aunt Cynthia fit right in the mix. What a great help and relief Aunt Cynthia was in helping with Reez in his first few weeks of adjustment and his parents also. I still hear her singing Ba Ba Blacksheep to Reez to sooth him.



The interesting pair was Lolo and Lola. That took a little time. Loving Lola as the typical grandmother was constantly wanting to grab Reez, hold him and sooth him. But in the being he did not want much to do with that at all. After all he had his momma. Now Lolo was another story. When they came to visit Reez’s grandparents they stayed for about three  or four weeks. Lolo love to walk and the beach was the perfect venue. Lolo uses a cane for walking and this is what drew Reez close to his Lolo. Reez loved Lolo’s cane. He would grab it as Lolo walked along and help with the movement. How cute he was. After Lolo left the first stick Reez found became a cane and you could see Reez walking with that cane ( or stick).

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As time went on the company left for the time being and it was back to the three of us. We started exploring the beach and taking walks in the morning before the heat of the day set in and evening time as the sunset. Reez was fine with these walks until he discovered all he had to do was sit right down in the sand. So much for walks other than the fact the walk consisted of getting to the shore line where he commenced to playing. He has had a love affair with the water ever since. However over the last two months or so we have not visited that often because it is summer time here and unlike beach goers in other areas it is just to darn hot here.

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3 thoughts on “What can I say about my son? (Part 1) The Beginning

  1. I can understand Reez’s preference for just plopping down in the water rather than walking the beach, so much cooler his way! Loved the pictures and to seeing you are all doing so well. Love you! Kathleen

  2. What a wonderful gift to your son. Love you!

  3. how far is the kingdom hall? how big is the congregation? would love to see the kingdom hall, take a pictures with the brothers

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