Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 54


It has been an uphill battle. The battle of materials. Buying crushed rock, sand and cement is easy. Getting said material delivered is a nightmare. From “rain slick roads at the quarry”  to “it’s on the boat”  and the Philippines favorite saying “sorry sir out of stock”.

Finally we have made some head way. After a six day delay on cement and a four day delay on rock we are pouring a slab. As of today approx one half is covered in slab. Hopefully we have enough material on hand to finish in the next two days.


Day 52 we had thirty bags of cement and were able to pour the master bedroom and one half of Reez’s room. Day 53 we had zero cement therefore the crew started to install real walls. How exciting to see our master bedroom start to take shape after looking at only foundation walls for 52 days.

ImageOur foreman “T” does not allow for slack time even with a  material delay. During this time he has also built the septic tank above ground and installed a good part of the storm drain system that will also be incorporated as a french drain.

004 (9)

012 (5)We are very grateful for the work that has been completed and pray the heavy rains stay away. Hopefully the next time you visit us here our slab is complete and the walls are being raised.


4 thoughts on “Day 54

  1. Progress!!! Good to see things moving along, but as usual, I have another question. What is a french drain? How does that work?

    • Hey Sis

      A french drain is a large pipe that is approx 2 feet underground. It sits on a gravel base, has many large holes drilled in it then covered by a landscape cloth to prevent dirt from going into the pipe. It is then covered by more gravel then by dirt and grass. It allows the rain water to be drained to a storm drain rather than sit underground and saturate the area.

  2. Wow, I can only imagine–may the sun shine on you and yours!

  3. Thanks for the info Ron. I didn’t know this was the name for it. Very similar to what I have around my barn and down the side of the driveway…I just called it a pipe…lol.

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