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What can I say about my son? (Part 2) Little Boys, Little Fingers & Mommy

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After writing and publishing Part 1 of this series it was brought to my attention that it appeared I was the only one involved in my son’s life. Therefore before I continue it is with great pleasure to include thoughts and high fives to Mommy. It certainly was not my intention to leave the most important person in Reez’s life out of the article. My excuse is and forever will be that I am writing this series based on my relationship with my son however again it was brought to my attention that relationship would have never been possible without Mommy.

Over the last eighteen months I have enjoyed watching the relationship between Reez and Mommy grow and change. Reez is very dependent on his Mommy as is every child. Maybe this stems from the fact he was in her womb for nine months or because he was with Mommy 24/7 for the first part of his life while I was out working and cutting the grass etc. Hence one of the reasons for my decision to retire early as noted in this  previous post

Reez may be dependent on Mommy however we share all duties from feeding, bathing, changing (hate it), entertaining, teaching, playing and what ever else comes down the pike. But one time he really wants his Mommy is bed time. I can play with him and read stories but when he is ready to sleep it has to be Mommy. I might think he is Daddy’s boy but nighttime proves he is Mommy’s little boy.

As a first time Mommy she has done wonders. From the nine months of Reez being in her womb to the delivery process through the first few months of his little life she has been there for Reez. Days at a time I would see her completely forgetting about herself and giving all for Reez. Having given up her freedom and suffering through the pain of childbirth combined with the loving care she gives Reez makes her number one in my book!

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What I really notice these days is the difference in my relationship compared with his mom. Reez and I are great playmates which I really enjoy and cherish. However he also knows even at this age when I mean business. All it really takes is a stern look or waving my index finger at him and saying “that’s a no-no”. But Mommy is a totally different story.

This is where the title reference “Little Fingers” comes into play. Reez has his Mommy wrapped around his little finger as tight as possible. He knows exactly what button to push to get his way. All that is required is for him to grab his Mommy fingers and lead her around the house like a little puppy. It is so funny to watch because he knows exactly what he is doing and Mommy falls victim to it every time. I have learned just keep my hand and fingers out of reach….lol.

When Reez and I are home alone all is calm. We play and read. Then Reez will do his own thing and I will do the same. No big tear sessions. Fast forward to Mommy and Reez at home alone. Of course I am not there to witness the goings on however when I come home it is explained that Mommy has been able to accomplish zero…nadda…nothing. Reez being the master at having his Mommy wrapped around his little finger has convinced her to hold him the entire time, walk him around everywhere he wants to go and basically run the show.

All things said he really loves his Mommy. I love to watch him kiss her and then have to shake my head at him as he runs screaming behind her just because she needs to use the restroom.

What a great Mommy you have son.

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One thought on “What can I say about my son? (Part 2) Little Boys, Little Fingers & Mommy

  1. I agree! Eden is an awesome mom and you both are a dynamic duo for Reez! Oh, and by the way, the Sponge Bob rug is just the right decorating touch ! Love you all!

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