Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 60


What can I say? High Fives all around. What a difference sufficient supplies of building material can do for a project. With the cement, crushed rock and sand supply problem solved work has moved at a rapid pace.

ImageEven though some side projects could be started or completed during the material delay the main objective was to pour the slab. How happy we are to announce the official completion of said slab. The slab looks great, seems to be finished well and ready to accept the porcelain tiles which will be laid on down the line.




ImageAnd on a slab walls must rise and rise they have! The crew has been hard at work installing the first lift of absolute walls. This entails many steps. First measurements are taken and lines are snapped. Next the walls are cut to the proper size and then set in place. They are then fastened along the bottom and sides by various means and then aligned and supported by metal bracing. Rebar is then cut and installed to strengthen the concrete which will eventually be poured into the walls. In addition to the rebar installed inside the walls electrical conduit which will house the wiring for the house is installed. In addition to the conduit the electrical wall sockets are set into place. Next comes the rough plumbing. At this point the only rough plumbing put into place are the drains for the sinks. The decorative columns adorning the left front of the house are also being built.




ImageAs usual our foreman Titing has many side projects happening at the same time. Here we see the storm drain system’s catch basins being cemented and the removable covers manufactured. The stairs accessing the rear service area are also built and poured.


How grateful we are to our crew that works in extreme conditions and measures twice and cuts once. We can say we are now happy with the pace being set. Needless to say there is a long way to go however we are on the road again. Until next time at Life in Roxas City.


6 thoughts on “Day 60

  1. Looking good.

  2. Wow! For a minute I Thought the job was driving you to drink! Then I realized it was a phone ad!

  3. Very cool seeing the progress on this. Pretty soon you’ll be ready for a housewarming party! 🙂

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