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Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City


Day 83

ImageThe number 83. I always have associated this number with my short high school football career. The remaining two things I remember are I was to small and I disliked the violence associated with playing the game. However now that I am off the field I still yell ROLL TIDE!

As the title of this post suggests we are at day 83 of our construction. I must say a large amount has been accomplished since the last time we checked in. As you can see from the above photo things are really going up.

The entire second lift of AWS panels have been installed with the exception of the front left which has been waiting on the cladding or rock to be installed on the columns. I am happy to say the product is here and is being installed as you can see  in the photo.

I would say about one third of the second lift has been filled with cement and that work continues each and every day. The top half of the septic tank that has been sitting in the living room for a couple of weeks was installed this week. The covers will be fashioned another day.

So after 83 days, many delays due to supplies or elections and rain we can certainly see good progress being made. We are slowly getting excited about moving and living in our own house here in Roxas City.



Day 77

Wow I have missed you. True it has been 17 days since I saw you. It has been so long I had to retreat and reread my last entry to refresh myself on our relationship. Of course I am talking about my blog series concerning the construction of our house here in Roxas City.

When we last visited the crew was hard at work installing the first lift of absolute wall panels. Everything was going quite well until our same ole problem raised its ugly head again. You guessed it supplies. It seems the rough plumbing materials sent with the beginning of the project lacked some much needed compliments.  After numerous attempts to secure the parts our foreman made a boat trip back to Cebu securing the much needed supplies and having a heart to heart with the person in charge of material acquisition.

Whoa!!! Wait a minute! Less I forget! I admit I cannot blame the entire delay on the supplies. There was one BIG THING that caused a one day delay. The storm. A tropical storm that rolled through a couple of islands over but caused quite a sustained wind here for about an hour and a lot of rain. The storm came on a Saturday which happens to be the crew’s rest day. I did not visit the site after the storm blew through. In fact I did not even think about the camp except to mention to Eden I felt bad for those guys spending their off day in the rain. I will defend my selfishness with the simple excuse that our kitchen window which is located beach side and for those that are not aware it is only thirty feet from the beach will not close. Therefore the storm brought with it sixty mile an hour winds and about three inches of rain deposited on the floor, appliances and anything else it could find. With this in mind I forgot about the site and camp and spent about four hours cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Oh and mopping…LOL.

Now with the excuse made let’s get to the site. It is amazing how fast we put the past behind us. By the next morning I show up at the site to see what work was happening that day. What a dummy. As I came around the corner looking for signs of work I was greeted by destruction. Not the house as it is solid concrete but the camp and storage area were destroyed. I did not have my camera with me that morning as I take pictures in the evening therefore I can not show the destruction but I do have pictures of the bunkhouse before and now. Needless to say there was a large amount of work going on just not the kind I expected. I guess the RBC side of me kicked in and we spent the rest of the day reconstructing the camp. I am sure this camp can take quite a storm. Maybe not a typhoon but a good storm. With his crew snug as a bug in a rug the next morning the foreman left for Cebu.

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Upon his return we had a large supply of crushed rock, sand and cement delivered. Along with the needed roughing in supplies work has once again moved at a great pace. Of course the crew had many sides projects to work on while the materials saga took place and that work would have had to been completed some time so no problem. This included pouring the carport, preparing the lanai for the concrete pavers and setting the septic tank.

014 (5)012 (8) 014 (4) 017 (6) 024 (4) 022 (5)

Since the foreman returned all of the rough plumbing and electrical has been competed and the first lift of walls have been completely installed with the exception of a small portion behind the decorative columns. Again we are waiting on material. In this case the rock work that will adorn the columns, planters and fence columns. The rear of the columns must have the rock installed before the wall can be placed as there is not enough room to work behind them.

012 (7)6-26-13

With that completed this week the crew has started installing the second lift of panels. What a difference that has made. The house is gaining  height. In fact Reez’s room has all the walls extended to the second lift. It looks like a real room! This takes the height of the rooms to eight feet however there is a third lift of walls to be installed that will bring the over all height of the ceilings to 2.8 meters. That height is inside the recessed ceilings in the sala (living room) and two bedrooms.


This process of installing the second lift which includes electrical rough in, rebar setting, along with the normal measuring and aligning plus the pouring of concrete inside the panels is going to take a couple of weeks to complete. This needs to move along as the roofing company called this week and wants to install the roof the first week of August. That sounds great to us but I kinda doubt it will happen then. It would be nice because the contract states the entire home will be completed the third week of August but we all know that is not going to happen…LOL.