Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 83


ImageThe number 83. I always have associated this number with my short high school football career. The remaining two things I remember are I was to small and I disliked the violence associated with playing the game. However now that I am off the field I still yell ROLL TIDE!

As the title of this post suggests we are at day 83 of our construction. I must say a large amount has been accomplished since the last time we checked in. As you can see from the above photo things are really going up.

The entire second lift of AWS panels have been installed with the exception of the front left which has been waiting on the cladding or rock to be installed on the columns. I am happy to say the product is here and is being installed as you can see  in the photo.

I would say about one third of the second lift has been filled with cement and that work continues each and every day. The top half of the septic tank that has been sitting in the living room for a couple of weeks was installed this week. The covers will be fashioned another day.

So after 83 days, many delays due to supplies or elections and rain we can certainly see good progress being made. We are slowly getting excited about moving and living in our own house here in Roxas City.


3 thoughts on “Day 83

  1. I remember that ‘short’ football career. It was in Bremerhaven wasn’t it? Glad to see things are moving along. I can’t wait to see the inside getting completion details and furniture. I hope the stories continue even then. Love you all!

  2. Having built a couple of houses I know the excitement you must be feeling.

  3. Wow! Things are really moving along! I know it will be a happy day when you can move in 🙂

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