Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 105


8-8-13Finally! Finally! Finally! Day 105.

Yes it has been twenty-two long days since our last update on the construction of our retirement (if you consider raising a two year old boy retirement) home here in Roxas City. But with day 105 comes some good news. All of the concrete work with the exception of a few feet of remaining driveway and the fence to surround the house is complete. This entails all of the foundation, floors, walls, carport cover and septic system. It has been a long haul for many reasons. Some of which has been discussed here and even more which we will leave for another day.

With the completion of the concrete we are now prepared to install the roof. In fact this week my new roofing contractor has started painting and assembling the metal trusses that will form the structural steel components of the roof. Here on the island we use primed and painted metal as opposed to wood as the termites would have the roof falling on top of your heads during your favorite TV hour in no time. The aluminium and zinc coated roof panels will arrive next week ready for installation.

During our twenty-day roller coaster ride we discovered why our good crew was slowing down with the pace of work thus delaying results. The contractor from Cebu was either slowing paying the crew many of which are his relatives or not paying them at all. Therefore their attitude was why work hard if we might not get paid this week. It then came to light that he was not paying suppliers thus slowing the material deliveries.

Finally after many weeks of inquires it came to light that he was in the middle of committing ESTAFA deception and fraud of five clients, numerous suppliers, investors and employees. Basically he stole a lot of money.

Therefore there is a new contractor in town…ME! So much for retirement at least for a couple of months. After a two week test with the crew from Cebu that has been working on our home we have retained them to finish the work. It is amazing how much work can be accomplished by a motivated and properly paid crew. We have full confidence that they will finish the project by the mid October deadline. In fact the foreman is traveling to Cebu this weekend to return with two painters, a carpenter and electrician bringing the crew’s number to twelve.

So here we are. The concrete is finished and now being prepared for painting. The roof is being constructed and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (no offense to all animal lovers) locating supplies, pricing and purchasing in a foreign land. Actually I am enjoying it challenging as it may be.

Until next time take care and thanks for visiting us here as we live Life in Roxas City.


2 thoughts on “Day 105

  1. Glad to see all the progress that is being made. Sure enjoyed the videos of Reez running in the ocean! He is such a cutie! Please take it easy in the heat of the day – Mr. Crew Chief! Can’t wait to see pictures of the place with a roof 🙂

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