Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 133


I know I know I know it has been some time since I updated the progress of the construction of our retirement home. But I have a great excuse. I am the engineer, the contractor, the bargain hunter, the delivery man and the overseer. Man that is a lot of titles but it does keep me rather busy. Thus after arriving home rescuing Eden from Reez and wrestling with him I am normally to wore out to work on the blog.


We have made great strides since our last visit. We are happy to say the roof is completely installed, adjusted, insulated and touched up. I am happy with the light almond color and the double sided fiberglass insulation as it is really cool under the roof. Our original roof design was lacking gutters however with the change I decided to include gutters and I think when it really rains I will be happy with that decision.

005 (22)

As of today the granite tiles are completely installed. These tiles are laying on the floor of the sala (living room), kitchen/dining and both bedrooms. As I left the house this afternoon work was beginning on the tile installation in the master cr (bathroom). These are ceramic tiles and will cover the floor and most of the walls and shower with a different pattern. I assume the common cr will be started tomorrow by the other tile setter.

002 (28)

The ceilings are coming along nicely. The sala and both bedrooms are hung including the recesses and are being prepped for paint. The kitchen will most likely be started tomorrow as the tiles setter has now vacated that area.

The foreman and electrician are stringing wire at a rapid pace. We have numerous outlets, switches, fans and lights to be powered. In fact I believe the house has over thirty recessed pin lights alone.

The fencing has come along also. The rear is completed except painting and some security spikes to be welded on the top. The front concrete work is pretty much complete with the exception of paint. Metal and gates will be added later.

There is still much remaining such as plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, paint etc but it is really nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We hope you are enjoying our insight into Life in Roxas City.


6 thoughts on “Day 133

  1. Looking good Ron. Coming together nicely.

  2. Is that sheetrock they are installing as the ceiling in the rooms? I noticed that there will be a gap between the ceiling and the roof, is that space available for storage or will it be completely enclosed for insulation purposes?

    • Thank you for the comment Angel.

      That is hardiflex which is a cement fiber board. In fact it is the same material the AWS panels are constructed from. It is very smooth and fire proof. Yes the space above can be used for storage.

  3. OH, my goodness! It looks like a house! Awesome! I know you are both going to be so happy when you can move in. It will feel like the Taj Mahal. 🙂

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