Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 150


019Yes if you are looking at the exterior view of our retirement home and comparing to day 133 there appears to be little change. However we are very happy to bring you this update. There actually has been quite a change to the exterior of our home but the main accomplishments have taken place inside.

Our apartment building located on the beach here in Roxas City has been sold. The effective date is Oct 1st and on that date construction will start here renovating the building. It is going to be a messy situation. Therefore we have instructed our foreman to concentrate his and the crew’s efforts on the interior. We will then be able to transfer and allow them to finish the exterior once we are in our house. We are currently looking at Oct 12 for a move in date. And yes Eden is very happy! Having a 21 months old dictates we need more room. In addition there are many household goods  packed away in which she is looking forward to as there just is not enough room in the apartment to unpack all the boxes.

With that said an update on construction is warranted. The exterior is actually coming along nicely. About two thirds of the exterior is painted. The tiles on the rear service area, lanai and front porch are installed. The carport will be installed later. The rock cladding covering the from porch planters is almost complete. 021


008Tri Star Glass has been working for a couple of weeks installing our windows, screens and today installed the sliding door next to the lanai. It took a couple of weeks to manufacture as we ordered tempered glass and it is only available in Manila many islands away. Therefore as of tonight we only have one window left to be installed and then screens. We have made the decision to order a screen door for the service area and shower doors from Tri Star also.


This leads us inside where we are pleased with the progress in the last two weeks. The tiles in both CRs (comfort rooms) have been completed. They do lack grout as does the entire house and this will be accomplished soon. The entire interior has been painted however it will get on last coat on the walls and ceilings as the doors and moldings are painted.  All interior electrical has been installed and is functioning. This includes light, power sockets and switches and ceiling fans.




012Eden’s focus has always been on the kitchen. We are happy to say it is coming along nicely. This house will have more cabinets and counter space then our previous two homes together. A nice addition will be a breakfast bar and stools. We will finally have the granite counter tops we have always desired. It is going to be an enjoyable kitchen to prepare meals together and now we will have the space needed without getting in each others way…lol.


011The kitchen still has a way to go and the plumbing fixtures must be installed throughout the house. Doors will be hung and touch ups made and then Jehovah willing we can move in. Hopefully the next update will have us on the verge of moving in to our retirement home in Roxas City.


7 thoughts on “Day 150

  1. Looking great, Ron. Bright and airy.

  2. Ron, Looks VERY nice. Know you are very excited to nearing completion. Lopk forward to seeing you soon.

    Buce & Jemima

  3. Ron and Eden! I am so excited. Things are moving along so well now. I can visualize you guys living there and enjoying your home! Reez is going to enjoy riding his trike with so much room. I can see it now. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    • Hey Sis

      Thank you for the nice comment. Yes we are ready to move. Reez will really enjoy it so much more..but I know he will miss his friends and the beach although it is only a few minutes away.

      Sorry I did not answer your last email but been so busy and we did the skype thing last weekend also.

      So many things to consider and buy. It can be stressful therefore I will be glad when this part is over.

      Reez is doing good but Eden has a chest cold. Having to play daddy and doctor today also.

      Take care and we love you.

  4. Waiting for a new update – or is it moving in time? Love you!

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