Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City

Day 164


ImageAnd let the countdown begin as Eden has said. However it is a different type of countdown because we do not know the exact end date but we do know it began today…lol. We have made great strides since day 150 and we estimate that we are 4-6 days from transferring from our ocean side apartment that has been our home for the last nine months to our retirement home. There are just a few touch ups to be made and a few water issues to be resolved and we can call the interior complete.

The interior painting is complete with the exception of a few touch ups as I mentioned. Today the front door was varnished with three coats of mahogany and then top coated. It looks great. The exterior painting is being completed during the intervals finishing the interior. It will be finished after we move.


The comfort rooms have progressed nicely since our last update. The common cr is complete and i call it the blue room. It is equipped with La Fonza products. Our in suite comfort room is equipped with HCG products from the Philippines. We have also had to custom built shower doors added for obvious reasons. We had a custom built cabinet and makeup storage unit built. The installation of the lavatory and cabinet will be complete in the next two days. Also installed in both are instant water heaters. A real money saver considering we pay some of the highest  powers rates in the world on Panay island. 

ImageThe most time consuming room in the house has been the kitchen. When cabinets are hand built and painted by hand it is a labor of love. Our foreman T-Ting designed and built our kitchen from Eden’s desires. He has done a great job on the granite counters and is in fact today and tomorrow adding the finishing touch with granite back splashes. The paint was finished today leaving the back splash and stove vent installation.

ImageBoth Reez’s and our bedrooms are complete with the exception of door handles being attached to the built in cabinet doors. The bed for Reez’s room was added this week and today we purchased our set to be delivered and set up this afternoon. It is from Malaysia and is beautiful. Of course Reez will continue to sleep in our room until he is older. 


ImageAs mentioned earlier

the exterior of the home will be completed as we are moving and after we have completed our move. The remaining projects include the metal work on the front fence including the pedestrian gate and car park gates. The solid parts of the fence will be painted terra cotta and the metal with automotive black with gold dust (not real lol). The fire wall is primed but awaits two coats of white latex to ward off the sun’s heat. Yes it has been waterproofed. A small amount of tile work remains in the front of the house but it would not surprise me if it was not completed before the move. The concrete deck over the car park was waterproofed today and will be painted with a couple coats also.

More metal work will be added for decorative effects and strengthening. The front left window will have a decorative effects by using the same metal used for the fence. It also matches the decorative effect used in the car park wall. We will also add two support poles under the concrete car park cover based on our foreman’s advice even thought it was not on the blueprints. Add paint to the front of the house including the car park and some sod around the house and it will be complete. I will take on the job of adding downspouts to the gutter system myself after the crew leaves.


ImageYes we are excited to be in our new home. Many more details remain such as accent painting, rods and curtains, furniture, plants etc however that will come with time. After all those are some of the delights of owning a home. Add in how to corral a two year old and we will be busy. But we will be happy. Until we move in our home this will be the last update while we continue Life in Roxas City.






6 thoughts on “Day 164

  1. Your doing a great job! It’s really looking nice inside, wow! Congratulations!

  2. So excited for you all! I can’t wait for you to move in and have all that room to explore and enjoy. Reez is going to have a ball playing in such a large area! Enjoy adding the little touches that will make your house a home. Can’t wait to see the end result. Happy moving!

  3. Love the way things have come along. Eden made beautiful choices for that kitchen. You all will enjoy such a lovely home. Look forward to pictures as time goes on, for all the little decorative and finishing touches take shape.

  4. Love that kitchen!!!!

  5. Yea – moving day! Hope all goes smoothly and you take time to enjoy the process. I know you’ll miss the beach – but it’s only 3 blocks away! Hugs to Eden and Reez – and one for you, too. Thanks for the updates 🙂

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