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One Bad Girl!


Where do I start?

Thank you Jehovah for protecting my family from this most wicked tempest. YOU heard our prayers. We are please that we listened to YOU and put our complete trust in YOU.

I never thought I would meet a girl as mean and powerful as Yolonda. I have known a Yolonda for many years and she is nice and sweet. However this bad girl named Yolonda that I met earlier this month was different. She wrecked havoc on anybody and anything in her path. The three little piggies would not have stood a chance against this bad fox. She huffed and puffed until it was all knocked down. When she spat at you there was no avenue of escape.

My encounter with Yolonda was not by surprise. I knew she was coming for about a week. It kinda reminded me of a similar encounter I had with a dude named Ivan many years ago. I was watching her travel schedule but quite often plans change. But I had this feeling long before she visited that she was coming straight to us just as Ivan years ago. It turned out that my gut was correct. She first visited the eastern Visayas and caused complete destruction. She knocked everything down in her path and took over 7500 lives at last count. She took many of our brothers and sisters including a complete Kingdom Hall where many were taking refuge from her fury. So many sad outcomes due to her anger. We will miss those friends and look forward to seeing them in paradise due to the hope of the resurrection.

Our story gets started the night before she visited. We boarded up our sliding glass door on the house we had only lived in for twenty seven days and tied everything else down or moved it inside. We watched the track closely but  I knew in my gut we were going to be on the northeast side when she came a knocking. Not good. We were prepared with a ten day supply of water, food and candles knowing we would loose power for a while. However sleep was not my friend that night as I waited for her to visit. Therefore when day broke I decided to find what material I could and board up the entire house. The winds picked up to around fifty miles per hour with eighty miles per hour gusts about ten a.m. my brother in law and I finished. He headed home after we made the decision to say home rather that go in town to a hotel. We ate a quick light breakfast as the winds started to howl.

About eleven thirty the windows started rattling when the big gusts would come through so we decided it was time to camp out in the comfort room in our bedroom. We took Reez’s milk, snacks, our water, some blankets and pillows, the radio and some candles and matches. Then we shut the door. Reez was a little restless as we hung out in the shower and listened to the winds pick up. We heard on the radio that the worst part of Yolanda’s visit was to be around one thiry p.m. About noon or a little after Reez drank a bottle and fell asleep in his mom’s lap. In hindsight we were very happy with this as he missed her visit.

And then just like clockwork as one oclock approached she started huffing and puffing with a fierce attitude. That is when the prayers started in earnest. Then it happened. At one fourty two p.m. my ear popped just like when I am gaining altitude when flying. Within a split second of my ear drum acknowleding the change in pressure she was here. The sounds of metal ripping and glass shattering filled our senses. This lasted for about twenty minutes or so. We were certain that our windows were destroyed and possibly the roof exploding from the pressure and winds that by now were topping 185 miles per hour. Tears were flowing as our son slept knowing what we had worked for and slaved for was being destroyed by the hands of Yolanda.

She had been forcasted to be a fast moving tempest. She lived up to her reputation as she was here and gone in a matter of hours. By three p.m. the winds were calm enough for me to venture from our sanctuary. As I opened the comfort room door I was not sure what I would see as all during the four hour ordeal we heard the closed bedroom door vibrating. However the bedroom was intact as the door was still sealed. Now it was time for me to open the bedroom door that would reveal the greatroom and the destruction that I fully expected to view.

As I opened the door a rush of wind and cool air hit my face. My eyes were quickly drawn to glass strewn across the tiles floating in a film of water. My first instinct was not good; however after surveying the room I was calmed by the fact the ceiling was intact and undamaged and the ceiling lamps and light fixtures were all in place. A round the room look at the windows revealed that our fear they were being torn from our house was calmed. All windows were in place even though the boards that I had place on them just hours earlier were gone with the expection of our sliding glass door leading to the lanai. It was on the floor in a thousand pieces. We installed a door with tempered glass therefore it broke into small pieces as it is designed to do. However after further review it was apparant that the majority of glass in our house was not from our sliding doors. It was only later that I realized the large pieces of clear shattered glass in our house was from our neighbors house  As it transpired our neighbors house, a two story structure with a complete glass front top and bottom was ripped apart by Yolanda and deposited in our house and yard. I later found a big part of their house in our gutters and on our roof.

After inspecting the damage I realized that our great fears had not been fulfilled and that Jehovah had not only protected our lives but also for all purposes protected our house also. I then returned to the comfort room where Eden and Reez were anxiously awaiting my return and revealed my observations. A great sense of relief and thanksgiving came over us. After thanking our great GOD I let here know that she would need to keep Reez in the bedroom until noon the next day due to safety concerns as I cleaned the interior of our home and secured the big hole in the wall.

The cleanup and security measure were completed as planned by eleven a.m. the next day and Reez was released from confinement. He was happy as we began the new adventure in our life. Life without power, air con, tv, fridge and fans. The daunting task of exterior cleanup also loomed upon us. However we were alive, safe and again so thankful to Jehovah God.

I look forward to updating all on the aftermath of Yolanda’s visit and my observations and experiences soon.



5 thoughts on “One Bad Girl!

  1. Quite a story…and I felt every word alive as memories of my own experiences came back. I, too, am so thankful that you are all okay and that your new beautiful home sustained so little damage. Stay strong…I think of you every day. Love you.

  2. We all sure prayed for you and family and all of the others. So sorry that there is such a struggle rebuilding and surviving the aftermath. Love !

  3. I heard y’all made it through ok. Glad to hear that! We were very concerned and prayed for you and your family. Praise Jah for Prayers answered!! We will continue to pray for you and our other dear brothers in the weeks and months to come for strength to endure, and overcome this terrible tragedy.

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