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What can I say about my son? (Part Three) Toddlers steal your time! NOT

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Reez I will blame it all on you. It is your fault. You are the reason it has been 16 months since my last entry in my series What Can I Say About My Son. Ok not really. So much has happened son since that June 2013 article. But I can rightly blame some of it on you because you are high maintenance as all toddlers are I suppose (to be explained later).

When we left off I had just finished writing about your mom and what a great mommy she was. Well I can declare until this day she is still a great mommy. All is well in that department and I am sure she will be the topic of future updates.

Back to the excuses for my absence in this series. First and foremost the biggest was our home building project here in Roxas City. If my memory serves me correct we were about 60 days into a 169 day project. I am sorry son but being the general contractor, supply cordinator, purchaser and problem solver kept me rather busy and unable to write very much (excpet my chronicles of the building process).  Finally the time came and we were able to move into our new home on 10 Oct 2013. Needless to say there were finishing and furniture issues to resolve. Then we had to just settle in. Learn how to live in our new house and get a good routine down as it was very different from apartment living. That went along just fine. The time arrived for the first entry in this series to be written in our new home.

But…28 days after moving you into your new home the worst Typhoon to make landfall since record keeping began made a direct hit on your new home. What a mess. The list was long but not to dwell on it we had to change our way of living again as we went without power and other utilities for 47 plus days. Then there were the repairs to make. Let’s not forget coming out of shell shock from the storm itself.

Once this was complete I became aware of the large need of our brothers and sisters in faith. The Branch Headquarters set up a relief effort. Here on Panay Island that included financial assistance to approx 1200 families and the rebuilding of 218 homes completely destroyed during the storm. With my RBC and construction backgroud and able and willing spirit I dove into the work. Finally after many months of hot but satisfying work with the help of hundreds of volunteers, many from around the world, we finished the 218 homes the end of June 2014. I was happy but tired.

It was certainly time to rest. Time to spend more time with you. Time for your mom to visit her parents and host them here in our home. Of course as with home ownership a few more time consuming projects popped up and stole more time.

So here we are. One year since we moved into our new home. Eleven months since Typhoon Yolonda. Three months since the rebuilding work finished.

Now it is your time!



One thought on “What can I say about my son? (Part Three) Toddlers steal your time! NOT

  1. Just wanted you to know that at least one person out here is missing your updates 🙂


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