Life in Roxas City

Retired & Raising my son in Roxas City


Thank you Jim

A lifelong friend reminded me just recently of my longtime absence from the blogging world. I have excuses and no reasons. Therefore I will beg forgiveness and attempt to make amends during 2016.

Life moves at light speed (not a reference to Star Wars) when you are having fun. As this year ends I realize the many milestones that have occurred. My marriage to my best friend is fast approaching the 10 year mark. My one and only son just turned 4. My baby girl is now 27 years old. My first granddaughter is about to hit her 20th. Topping off the milestones is the fact this is the year I can finally ask the US government to pay back the money I have loaned them for the majority of my life. Hopefully they will reimburse me before my demise.

I was on a roll with this post mentally speaking anyway and then life happened a.k.a. my four year old. Therefore as I continue with this 10 hours later the mind has slowed down again.

However I will say that today is a happy day. We were invited to a very nice authentic Italian buffet courtesy of our friend and weekly baker. The topping on the cake however has been Alabama’s trouncing of Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl. National Championship here we come.

With all of this in mind as the new year starts I will put my mind in gear, become creative once again and write.


Thank you Jim.